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The Total Leader®

The best leaders, the Total Leaders, excel in all areas of leadership.

–  Róisín Joyce, Leadership Management Ireland

This is an exciting and demanding time for Ireland’s business leaders, as an improving economy and greater consumer confidence create opportunities and increase competition.

Only businesses that have the necessary direction, focus, skills and stamina – attributes that derive from good leadership – will succeed.

Who will lead your organisation?

Will its success depend on a single leader?  Or will leadership be a shared quality across the organisation, to the extent that the organisation will itself be a de facto leader?

Our business at LMI is developing great leaders, whether individuals or organisations.

For the organisation, this requires that leadership be developed in every employee – the very foundation of our Total Leader Concept.

The Total Leader Concept is based on:

Principle 1

Everyone must become a leader. Leadership is not a position; it is a way of thinking, believing, and behaving.

Principle 2

Effective leaders are balanced, whole, complete leaders.

LMI enables people to become Total Leaders.

LMI has a proven methodology for helping people to think, act, manage and communicate as Total Leaders, whose example and performance can drive any organisation forward …

How do we do this?