Book Review – The 5 Pillars of Leadership

Reviewed by Maurice Cullen – LMI Licensee

The founder of LMI, Paul J. Meyer and the current CEO of LMI, Randy Slechta co-authored the best selling book – The 5 Pillars of Leadership

All successful organisations build upon three key strengths: an intimate knowledge of where the group intends to go and how it will get there, the ability of both leaders and team members to focus on a positive contribution and the common desire to do whatever is necessary to achieve a positive outcome. A leadership gap develops whenever one or more of these three elements is neglected or underdeveloped.

To span that gap Meyer and Slechta propose that we go back to the pillars of leadership.

  • The first pillar: Crystalized Thinking
  • The second pillar: Plans and Balance
  • The third pillar: Passion and Desire
  • The fourth pillar: Confidence and Trust
  • The fifth pillar: Commitment and Responsibility

By focusing on these pillars, any and every leader can grow and excel.

This is a must read for anyone who is in a position of leadership.