Our Clients

We are proud to showcase some examples of the prestigious organizations that we have the privilege of working with. Our clients range from small businesses to global companies, and we value each and every partnership.

These logos represent the diversity of industries and sectors that we have serve. They are a testament to the ability of the LMI process to adapt and excel in any field. From technology and finance to communications and healthcare, LMI has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

  • After my role had expanded to look after a much wider and larger team, LMI was a huge help in making that transition successful in terms of how I planned for the role, looked at my people and navigated a complex matrix organisation. Its still a foundation of how I approach my business today and to sense check that I am operating in an optimal way through planning, wellbeing, delegation and communication. “


  • I would highly recommend LMI to anyone who needs help with time management, focussing on goals and a holistic overview of how you manage your day. The facilitator motivates and continually challenges those who attend the course to get the best for you.
    He is genuinely interested in making it work for you by being goal focussed. He listens and understands that everyone is different and has different goals.
    This course has been instrumental in helping me understand how and why goal setting is so important and achievable when broken down to manageable items.
    I would encourage anyone who is interested to get in contact. You will not regret it!!


  • As FoodCloud Founders, LMI has been instrumental in our journey as we’ve grown over the last 11 years. The process has provided us with a structured approach to tackle various challenges and opportunities that arise in managing and leading a growing business. We’ve been able to apply the principles of LMI to areas such as people management and identifying high payoff activities. Delegating tasks to others not only frees up our time as founders but also provides growth opportunities for our team members.

    We continue to invest in the development of our managers and future leaders through LMI. It not only helps in building a strong leadership pipeline but also ensures that the core values and leadership principles of FoodCloud are consistently reinforced throughout the organisation.


  • I have done the Personal Productivity and Motivational Leadership modules of LMI. I found both highly informative and instructional. Michael has been a great mentor and his broad knowledge of business is a huge asset to lean on for me.

    Momentum Healthcare

  • I found the course to be extremely beneficial. It was engaging from the outset, was very well structured and well delivered. I enjoyed the course and Ive gotten a significant benefit from it. Since completing the course, we have put three more colleagues on to the course and are planning to add more in the future.

    M&C Property

  • I made the assumption (incorrectly!)  that this would be just another time management for work, type course. The EPP programme far exceeded my expectations. It focuses on , not just the time spent in the workplace,  but the overall time available . By using a number of tools and resources it gets you to think critically think about the value of that time, where you put that time and where your priorities  actually lie across a number of key areas.”

    Unitec IT Services