Demo Productivity

Welcome to your Personal Productivity Free Assessment.

Name Business Email Phone Number
I make effective use of travel time such a commuting to work, driving to appointments, etc
I assign time limits to the items on my lists and in my calendar
I set aside a certain block of time every day or several times a week for uninterrupted creative activity
I have a diary/organiser to record appointments and tasks I intend to accomplish in the future
I am really good at starting and finishing a project or piece of work.
I never find myself spending more than two minutes looking for something I need
I regularly delegate tasks to others in my team and when I delegate a task, I give adequate instructions so that it will be done well
I organize related types of tasks to be accomplished in specific blocks of time?  (Examples: grouping telephone calls and handling e-mail, reading mail, answering correspondence)
I make a written list of what I intend to do each day and I keep a record that shows whether or not I complete my daily tasks
I arrange regular times to answer questions for team members