“LMI gave me the tools and the additional confidence that I needed to grow further as a leader and the programme also helped me focus more clearly on the ambitious direction I wanted to take with the business.  Two years on I am still using these tools and my business has really benefited.  One of the best business decisions I made was engaging with LMI.”

“LMI really helps you to make small but significant changes to the way in which you work, greatly increasing productivity and sense of achievement.”

“Following the course I have got more strategic focus, better control of my to-do list and better work-life balance.”

“I most enjoyed learning about the psychological aspects of management and learning the various quirks, tweaks and techniques that can lead to a company gaining the slight edge that has made the difference I was looking for in both myself and ebow. It is the best money I have ever invested in myself to date”

I participated in the EPP program with Martin Byrne of LMI in 2015. The program enhanced my skill set at the time, offered me new insights into how I should conduct my working day and moreover it focussed my attention on my career goals. The program gave me the confidence and ability to look at new opportunities and I have subsequently completed a Diploma in Financial Trading and a  Masters in Economics and Finance which has led to a significant career move for me. I am honestly of the view that this program was the catalyst for these changes in my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is ambitious and seeking to improve both inside and outside the workplace.
Martin’s leadership training course has given me the insight, awareness and techniques to lead more effectively, energise and empower others and become an inspirational role model. I would strongly recommend the LMI development process to any manager seeking to take their team to the next level.

The EPP course had a significant impact on how I structure my day, week, month & year whilst also helping me focus on high pay off activities that feed into both my career & personal goals. On completion of the course I told my line Manager that we needed to put Martin on a monthly retainer due to the positive impact on the overall performance of the team whilst delivering the content. This is the best course I completed in the 12 years at Ulster Bank

Ten of our managers completed the LMI Effective Leadership Development programme which was delivered by Martin Byrne. The programme was delivered through a series of weekly workshops over a three month period .…… in short, the programme was the best development programme we have run in terms of return on investment and people development.

LMI course is a key step for any manager. It gives a new approach to management practices by shedding lights on a lot of areas such as people management, team empowerment, personal scheduling and goal setting. Not only, the most important insight of the whole course is that without a balanced life nothing will be reached successfully. Btw, a professional such a Martin Byrne helps to get things done properly! Therefore, I would recommend LMI courses to any Leader!